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Choose Different Types of Awning Styles

Our durable awnings allow natural light to pass through but block out 99% UV rays. A great option for outdoor areas, our different types of awnings provide different levels of shelter on your patio, shade on your deck, and reduces interior temperatures. Available in a range of options that include Aluminium Coloured, Clear and Bronze Tinted Acrylic Boards  as well as Clear, White Opaque and Bronze Tinted Polycarbonate Multiwall Boards to suit any style house or business. No matter what type of awning you choose, our professional awning installers provide an efficient installation service.

Types of Awnings for Home and Commercial Applications

Invest in your property with our range of quality awning options that provide shade for home patios and decks. Our awnings protect your furniture, floors, upholstery and art from sun damage by controlling the sun and light exposure that enters your home. Shelter and shade your business entrances and walkways with different  awning options such as barrel vaulted or sleek, modern designs. Turn your restaurant or café sidewalk patio or deck into a summer haven without the sunburn. Our durable awning solutions, available in a range of styles, are appealing for any type of business.

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