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Reboss Awning

About Reboss Awning

The Definitive Awnings Johannesburg Based Company

We are one of the leading companies in awnings Johannesburg has to offer.

Our installations are a great addition to any outdoor area; they provide shelter, shade, and reduce interior temperatures. Our sleek, modern designs are a cost effective installation solution for protection against the sun, rain and hail. Our awnings are simple in structure, therefore they are easily assembled and the quick installation makes our awnings perfect for those DIY projects.

You can enjoy huge savings by installing your own Reboss awnings. However, if you are not handy with the tools, our awning installers will ensure the window, door or shop front installation gets done professionally. Our installers pride themselves on professional and efficient service. They are friendly and our reps are happy to advise you about the right awning solution to meet your particular needs. Whether it is a home or commercial application on windows, doors, shop fronts, patios etc., Reboss awnings are the right choice.

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